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Powerhouse  Presentations




From 5 to 500 participants, Solli's workshop-abilities extend beyond the traditional (especially with the virtual event space of Covid-19). Solli is able to curate large amounts of content into a smooth-flowing, memorable and inclusive workshop.

Solli's diverse speaking experiences have given him the ability to customize each presentation specifically around the age and knowledge of the attendees, and setting of the venue, resulting in informative, engaging, and constructive keynotes every time.



Having reached a quarter of the global population, Solli's internationally award-winning poetry performances have been seen by A-list celebrities, global CEOs, governments, multiple prime ministers, and even members of the Royal Family! 

"Incredible, powerful, moving, professional and flawless are some of the words I would use to describe Solli's performance on stage. Solli was the ultimate professional from rehearsal through to show day and his presentation injected the exact energy shift we were seeking in our show.

Our attendees were blown away by Solli's delivery of his presentation. He commanded the stage, inspired our audience and he received a standing ovation..."





Speaking Topics

"We live in a world that is forever changing; thus, our global systems, way of life, and situational analysis must be flexible and adaptive to manage change best and utilize change to pave the way for continual progress."



"Today's world sees a need and demand for leaders to offer stability and support,
and harness collaboration and contribution. Being a leader isn't about the role you have or are given, but the role you choose to play."


"Your unique 'life portfolio' of experiences, beliefs, and skills gives you a perspective that no one else has. I believe voicing and sharing our individual perspectives allows for greater understanding and progress for humanity."



"As a youth leader and young person myself, I understand the perspectives, concerns and challenges young people have and face. We need to change the stereotype of youth, and break the limiting barriers of ageism."


"With copious environmental problems, I see sustainability as key in shaping a better future. Though not just environmentally, sustainability holds much importance in our personal and professional lives."



"I believe equality is the answer to most challenges we face. An equal future sees the modern world and the natural world living equally, as one, categorisation and division are eradicated, and everyone has a say."



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