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Redefining the possibilities for a young person.

Solli Raphael has been dubbed as one of the greatest youth leaders of all time.

At 17 years of age, Solli Raphael's list of achievements exceed far beyond the ordinary, and include over 200 speaking engagements, three published books, founding two businesses, as well as an organisation and a charity, and five years (and counting) dedicated to helping the planet and helping others become the best versions of themselves (around two billion others to be exact).

A fierce learner, Solli began studying at university at 15, making him one of the youngest university students in the history of Australia. On top of that, Solli is also an athlete, multi-instrumentalist, mad adventurer, amateur adrenaline junkie, and lover of Mexican food (though his favourite cuisines extend beyond that). 

An icon of 21st century poetry

Solli began writing poetry at age nine, and quickly grew a love for the art form. Shortly after discovering slam poetry, Solli won the national Australian Poetry Slam at the Sydney Opera House in an all adult competition. He then rose to global prominence after becoming the youngest ever winner of the Australian Poetry Slam, with his winning piece ‘Australian Air’ quickly gaining four million views online.

In the four years since winning the poetry slam, Solli has become globally renowned for taking poetry itself to new heights. His poetry has racked up critical acclaim and awards, globally, and has been featured in university textbooks and documentaries, and on over 50 radio and TV appearances. Solli's poetry and poetry performances have been seen by A-list celebrities, global CEOs, governments, multiple prime ministers, members of the Royal Family, and around two billion people.

The power of words

Solli wrote his first book at age seven, and just short of a decade later, his dreams of becoming an author have taken him on an unexpected journey. In 2018, at age 13, Solli's debut book Limelight, was published by Penguin Random House Australia. Limelight has since been published and recognised globally for its capacity to engage students in poetry. In 2019, Limelight was shortlisted for an Australian Speech Pathology Book Award, and won a prestigious Nautilus Book Award.

Solli's second book Spotlight, was published by Penguin Random House Australia in 2020, and his third book, 29 Things You Didn't Know About Me, was published by Pan Macmillan Australia in 2022. Aside from his own books, Solli has been featured in hundreds of books, globally.

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In 2021, Solli founded World Of Poetry, an organization comprised of award-winning poets, PR specialists, entrepreneurs, and experts within the arts and entertainment industries, providing opportunities for poets globally.

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In January 2021, at just 15, Solli founded the environmental charity Earth Enablers, which publicly launched on Earth Day 2021, possibly making him the youngest and only person under 18 to found a charity anywhere in the world. Earth Enablers is an inclusive environmental conservation organization that aims at creating a future of equality, transparency, and sustainability. Through free and donation-based projects, resources, workshops, and opportunities, Earth Enablers offers people of all ages and life circumstances opportunities to make a difference and enable the Earth to be a better place for all.


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