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Solli Raphael has redefined the possibilities for a young person.

Solli Raphael is an award-winning author, poet, advocate, acclaimed keynote speaker, former ambassador to many charities and non-profits, and a founder and director of two organisations.

Solli has led workshops, performed, and spoken at hundreds of events; on six continents and across over 150 countries. From primary school students to aged-care residents, community projects to Fortune 500s, he has worked with people of all ages, career statuses and life circumstances to break limiting barriers, enhance connection and collaboration, and fast-track radical change.

Named an icon of 21st-century poetry, Solli has broken barriers in making poetry more accessible and relatable for everyone. His poetry has racked up critical acclaim and awards, been featured in university textbooks and documentaries, and on over 50 radio and TV appearances. Solli's poetry and poetry performances have been seen by A-list celebrities, global CEOs, multiple prime ministers, members of the British Royal Family, and a quarter of the global population.

Solli has authored three books of his own, which have received accolades for their capacity to engage children and teenagers in poetry and social concerns. His debut book Limelight, and his second book, Spotlight, were published in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Shortly after publication in North America in 2019, Limelight won a prestigious Nautilus Book Award for contributing to social change. His latest book is 29 Things You Didn't Know About Me.

Solli is also an athlete, multi-instrumentalist, amateur adrenaline junkie, cook, and one of the youngest university students in Australia's history.

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Created in 2023 by Solli Raphael, the Best Part Movement is a social movement with the goal of making our world a better place by highlighting all the things that make it great. A place exclusively for uplifting, positive and inspiring stories, the Best Part Movement asks people to share the best part of their lives.

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In 2021, Solli founded World Of Poetry, an organization comprised of award-winning poets, PR specialists, entrepreneurs, and experts within the arts and entertainment industries, designed to amplify the voices of poets, globally.


Solli is the founder and director of Earth Enablers, an inclusive environmental conservation organization aimed at creating a future of equality, transparency, and sustainability. Through free and donation-based projects, resources, workshops, and opportunities, Earth Enablers offers people of all ages and life circumstances opportunities to make a difference and protect our natural world.


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